Mobile News India - BlackBerry wins a reprieve In India

BlackBerry wins a reprieve In India
BlackBerry wins a reprieve In India
By Surendra Singh 1 Sep, 2010 at 11:12:00 AM
Description: BlackBerry has won a reprieve in India. This means there will be no cessation of operations of Blackberry. The RIM, that is, Research In Motion will be providing BlackBerry data to India from September 1. India is searching for a way that may completely read BlackBerry communications and track them in the best possible manner but the intercepting data that India wants to access will be a default task. A source said that analysts feel there is “no easy fix” to this problem and that India will be pushing Skype, Google, and RIM for local servers so that they may fully monitor their services. Around 1 million users may get affected if the BlackBerry maker were shutdown in India. The security threats have become a common problem today and many countries are taking steps in their own way for finding out the solution for this problem.
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