Not Too Impressive Samsung

not too impressive samsungViews : 4303 | Comments : 0By john sheehan From ireland (02-Feb-2011)
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Pros : HAs everything i need in a phone Cons : it switches itself off if its jolted or dropped , its supposed to be shockproof
Description : Not too impressed with it so far as i said above it tends to switch itself off and sometimes wont come back on till i reinsert the battery .When it works it works great gut Ive sent it back and its had a software upgrade , still the same , might be just a monday morning phone , but its predesessor was more reliable albeit not as many features onboard . Im going to ask the phone shop where i bought it to change it for a new one , but they refused the first time and insisted on having it repaired , this hasnt worked . We'll see how it progresses
4303 Views | 0 Comments

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