Where are those memories of the adventurous holidays we went to, the pictures of those parties where we did some super-lunatic dancing moves or the photos of those high-voltage festival celebrations with family? You know where to ask? Go ask your ‘iPhone friends’!

Apple iPhone 7 Camera

Not because they are a ‘pro’ at photography, but they have a tool, we believe, will make us look prettier, we let their device capture our every joyful memory.

Wireless charging and fancy curved screens? Nope! Apple has updated the new iPhone 7 in such a way that you could hardly find any difference in its appearance from its predecessors.

Is it better anyway? Yes. Apple has always been consistent in keeping their camera as the best among the segment competitors from the very initial phase.

The new iPhone 7, being the torchbearer for apple, has also established itself as the benchmark in terms of camera specs and picture quality. So here’s how to attain that expert level in capturing photos from your iPhone 7.

Master your skills using GRID.

The iPhone 7 provides 3×3 grid for enhancing picture composition. You just have to place your object at the lines of intersection. This is better known as the ‘rule of thirds’. This not only works fine for the picture composition but also as horizon line which helps keeping the image level straight.

iPhone Camera Grid

Want something to flaunt? Try Filters.

Spice up your pictures with all these insane filters provided by iPhone’s camera app and free up your space, deleting all the editing apps you used especially for this purpose. It provides the filter added shot along with the original image, so in case you don’t find your picture a masterpiece yet, and can edit out the light, colors and white balance of your click.

iPhone Camera Filters

Lock the Focus.

Touch and set the focus square on your object and let your phone do the wonders for you. Tap the object and hold the press for a bit to lock the focus till you want. Now you can dance, workout or stretch your arms but the object you locked in won’t be out of focus until you touch anywhere on the screen.

Focus iPhone Camera

Brighten up your night by adjusting Exposure.

Just as focus, the exposure can be adjusted by tapping the object only. You can drag your finger up and down on the screen to adjust the exposure level. The adjustments you make here can be directly proportional to the number of likes you get on that picture.

Exposure iPhone Camera

Burst Mode can give you wings.

You can brag about the picture of you floating in the air like a superman just by handing your iPhone 7 to your friend and asking him to press the shutter for a long while. This will shoot you in a burst mode so you can pick the best photo out of those hundred captured shots.

Now, You can lie about how being a professional photographer is not easy and smile about how your iPhone 7 helped you save your money from buying a DSLR. Let us know how and which of these above-mentioned tricks helped you in the comments section below.


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