• Identify the number of gadgets connected to your router
  • Lock your WiFi with a password
  • Keep changing your password time to time

No matter how much 3G or 4G data we have on our smartphone, we always prefer WiFi over mobile data when available. It is faster and cheaper and does not limits the number of users to share the bandwidth.

Imagine you are watching videos on YouTube or a program on Netflix over WiFi and the quality that shows up goes down to a lower resolution.

If it happens once or twice a week, there might be some network problems but if your internet randomly slows down on any app be it streaming a video, playing online games or simply surfing the internet, there is a strong possibility of someone else is stealing data from your wifi.

Here is how you can be sure that you are a victim of such a theft.

Step 1. Log on to your router

Step 2. Check the section that shows the number of gadgets connected to your router

Step 3. When you get the list of devices connected to your WiFi network, identify the odd ones

Step 4.  Simply turn off the WiFi for each such device one by one

When you find a gadget connected to your WiFi network that does not belong to you, you know the reason behind slow internet speed.

How to secure your WiFi connection

Even after you have spotted a device connected to your WiFi network that does not belong to you, you would not be able to tell who owns it. Here is what you can do.

Step 1. Encrypt your WiFi network with a password, this will keep it out of intruder’s reach

Step 2. If your WiFi network is already encrypted and it is still being used by someone else without your consent, you need to change your password immediately

Step 3. Keep an eye on the list of connected devices and also keep changing your WiFi password in a timely manner

Step 4. If they still manage to connect again, reset your router to factory settings and set it up again as you did when you first installed it.

It can be very annoying when your WiFi network does not provide you with the internet speed that you are paying for. Before taking this issue to your service provider, make sure no intruder is behind it. Follow the above steps and try to keep your setup safe.


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