• Change the way you chat with your friends on WhatsApp
  • Send GIF images instead of text
  • You need the latest version of WhatsApp to send GIFs

Still wondering how to send moving pictures to your friends in WhatsApp? Though WhatsApp is quite late in allowing its users to search and send GIFs to their friends, it is still one of the widely used applications for message exchange.

In order to search and send GIFs, you need to be running the latest version of WhatsApp. The feature is a hidden but below we will guide you how to do it. Just follow the below-mentioned simple steps:

How to send GIFs in WhatsApp on Android

As we mentioned earlier, the feature is a hidden behind a small button in the sub menu so you have to dig deep into WhatsApp to use it.

  • You need to tap the smiling emoji button on the left bottom corner and various yellow colour emojis will appear on the screen that can be sent within WhatsApp
  • At centre bottom of the screen, you will see a button that reads GIF

Sending GIF in WhatsApp (3)

  • As soon as you tap that button, various popular GIFs will be made available from where you can scroll to choose the desired GIF

Sending GIF in WhatsApp

  • If you need a specific GIF, you can do so by tapping the magnifying glass option from the left bottom and enter your search. Once you have entered your search, a number of results will be made available related to your search

WhatsApp GIF Search

  • You can scroll through the results and tap on the GIF you want to send
  • A full-screen preview of the GIF will appear where you can add some text with it or send it directly by pressing the arrow button

Sending GIF in WhatsApp (2)

How to send GIFs in WhatsApp on iOS

Compared to Android, sending GIF on WhatsApp on iOS is a bit difficult.

  • Press the plus icon in the bottom left of the screen to open up multimedia options

Sending GIF in WhatsApp (2)

  • Press the ‘photo and video library’ option that appears under multimedia options and in the left bottom, you will see a magnifying glass option with the word GIF next to it

WhatsApp GIF iPhone (2)

  • Tap that button and you will be able to search the specific GIF you want to send. Now from results, tap on the GIF and you will be able to push that out to your chat

Sending GIF in WhatsApp (iOS)

There is also an option available that allows starred GIFs to save favorite GIFs that you use frequently so you do not have to search for it everytime you want to use them

So, make your conversations more engaging with the latest GIFs by following the above-mentioned easy steps.


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