• Shift in the planned shipments of the iPhone X
  • OLED display panel delaying the Production
  • Pre-Order for the iPhone X starts from October 27

With iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus unable to grab user’s attention, all eyes are glued to iPhone X. When iPhone 8 was launched last month, it was expected to be a success. Till now, it hasn’t turned the pendulum its way. Now, when all the consumers are waiting desperately for iPhone X, there this news comes as a shock. Disappointing myriad users, Apple has finally decided to reduce its planned shipment of iPhone X.

According to KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo the demand was expected to be around 40 to 50 millions units. Now only 20 million units will be shipped. There could be innumerable reasons behind this reduction of shipments. One of the reasons could be the time taken with components enabling Face authentication feature. This reason has been speculated by Nikkie Asian Review.

iPhone X

Currently, iPhone X is going to be produced at a rate of ten million units per month. Since the bezel-less smartphone is taking time in production and its launch is scheduled for November 3, one can conclude that only 20 million units shipments will reach this year. Although, Ming-Chi Kuo has made it clear that by launch date 2 to 3 million iPhone X models will be ready and which is more than enough with respect to launch.

Other than the OLED display panel and its bonding issues on the steel frame, there are some other issues cropping up as reported. One such problem of the iPhone X is 3D depth-sensing camera development. According to sources, Apple has entered into negotiations for the development of individual parts by some other manufacturers as well. It is expected that this step would boost up the production of iPhone X and will help the company to meet the demand.

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Taking the delay of production seriously and with a plan to enhance its volume of production, a meeting was planned between Jeff Williams, the COO of Apple and Terry Gou, the Foxconn chairman. It is gauged that the production challenges of iPhone X faced by the company are going to be the focus of discussion.

Interestingly, in India, the pre-orders will be starting from October 27 and the sale of the most awaited iPhone X will commence from November 3. With 64GB storage, the new iPhone will be sold in India at 89,000 INR.


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