• Adaptive Icons for apps that don’t officially support adaptive icons
  • Adaptive Pack gets icons in square, circle, teardrop and normal shapes
  • Available at Play Store at an introductory price of $3.49

This is no hidden truth that adaptive icons are the most desired visual ecstasy of Android Oreo. With adaptive icons, the shape of launcher icons can be changed across the entire operating system of your smartphone device. However, the concern is, currently, there is a small chunk of devices that are running on Android Oreo. And hence it will require a decent amount of time to touch older devices and allow users to enjoy adaptive icons.

Action Launcher

So here, Chris Lacy comes to the rescue and accelerates the process with the introduction a new update to Action Launcher. The all-new official companion app is named as ‘Adaptive Pack’ which thoroughly supports adaptive icons. With this, smartphone maker can now easily change the shape of launcher icons to square, circular, or teardrop shape throughout the system.

Icon pack style app, Adaptive Pack permits Action Launcher to exhibit adaptive icons on all smartphone devices functioning on Android Lollipop or later. The best part of this adaptive pack is that it provides Android Oreo users with adaptive icons that at present do not support adaptive icons, officially.

Action Launcher

Usually, icon packs come with varied style and theme choices. However, adaptive pack’s icons are designed purposely without any theme or style, in addition, adaptive icon offers different variations of popular apps, which appear just like the original app developed by the company developer.

Adaptive Pack is not just another normal icon pack hence it will not work with any other third-party launchers, however, will only work with Action Launcher.

There have been enormous efforts that have undergone during the development of this companion app, which made it a little expensive eventually. For some time say a week or so, Adaptive Pack is available at the Google Play Store for an introductory price of $3.49, (INR 237 approx.) and will soon shoot to its actual price label of $4.99 (INR 340 approx.).

Action Launcher

In addition to the launch of the adaptive pack, Action Launcher has also released an update to version 28. This version has got all new icon picker and better compatibility for Android 8 Oreo running. So what are you waiting for hit the Play Store button and get the Adaptive Pack and Action Launcher?


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