• Efficiently controls the background activities of the applications that are not required.
  • Booting time has been reduced to half of the previous version.
  • All new notification dots for easy notification handling

And finally, the eighth operating system version of Android, Android Oreo has been launched on the day when the first time in almost 100 years, Solar Eclipse has shaded the entire United States of America. Google has managed to capitalize this wonderful astronomical phenomenon for life by somehow keeping the Android’s launch awaited till the solar eclipse attained to its peak in the city.

android oreo

As they said, ‘A celestial Superhero brought to life by the solar eclipse’, everyone would definitely have that same special soft-corner in their heart for this operating system as much as for their beloved cookie, Oreo. The most awaited Android version seems to stand on everyone’s expectations in terms of features, for sure.

Now let’s take look at what all Super Powers our new Android Oreo owns.

  • It just got 2x faster in the booting process and reduces the time you had to wait to see your home screen.
  • It helps you minimize the activities running in the background applications which are least required
  • The Auto-fill feature that remembers your login credentials and fills it fast automatically for your favorite apps
  • It allows and eases the use of two applications simultaneously on the phone
  • The new notification dots lets you see what’s new and can be wiped off after use
  • Google Play Protect – Keeps the device and data safe from the applications that are suspiciously dangerous or potentially harmful
  • Keeping the battery strong and full of powerful life even while playing, working or streaming
  • New Emoji set to express the feelings, right from the heart

This is not just it. There is a lot more to the features list of this new ‘sweeter than ever’ Android version, Oreo. These include Accessibility button, Accessibility volume, adaptive icons, ambient screen, background execution limits, background location limits, deep color, downloadable fonts, integrated printing support, linkable files, notification categories, project treble, text-view auto sizing, tool-tips and Wi-Fi assistance. These are some more of the newly updated superpowers which would make our life easy.

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Android Oreo is finally out and we already can’t wait for this superhero to get in our smartphones and help us make our life better. Let us know what you think of this sweet and powerful new Android, Oreo in the comments section.


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