• Complaints saying continuous mobile data usage even with Wi-fi turned on
  • Google is aware of the issue and working on rectifying it
  • Android Oreo changes the default settings in Developer option

Last week, Google rolled out various images of its latest Android Oreo. While the latest Android platform is available to a large number of audience, a bug has already been reported by some users. According to the users, this latest platform by Google uses mobile data even after turning on Wi-Fi. Usually, the mobile should be turned off automatically when the device is connected to the Wifi. A Redditor who goes by the name of Unusual_Sauce recently reported a huge spike in data usage even when his Android device was already connected to the Wifi. The user also tried to contact the technical support team for help and he was told that they are already aware of the problem and working on it.

Android Oreo

There are only a few users who have complained about this data issue. However, to be on the safer side users should keep a track on their mobile data and ensure that no extra data is being used up. For those who are on unlimited data offer, this might not be an issue for them.

Another Reddit user complained that the Android Oreo updates turn on “mobile data always active” option in the developer settings which is meant to be turned off by default.

There was a similar issue with Apple’s Wifi Assist when several users complained that this new feature consumes mobile data worth thousands of dollars. The good news is that the Android Oreo 8.0 is now available only for Google’s Pixel and nexus devices. There is still some time left for the platform to be available for other smartphone users.We do hope that Google fixes up this issue at the earliest so that we can enjoy a hassle free experience with the latest Android version.

Meanwhile, please let us know if you guys are facing similar issues with the Android Oreo and do leave us a feedback on how this latest platform is performing with your device. Stay tuned for more news and updates!


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