• iPhone X costs start from Rs. 89,000 in India
  • iPhone X model consists of display with edge-to-edge feature
  • The latest flagship handset of iPhone was introduced back on Tuesday

Apple introduced its flagship models of 2017 – iPhone 8, iPhone X, and iPhone 8 Plus – on September 12, and although the leaks have not left any stone unturned in case of its hardware, the firm’s costing regarding the phone in India, which left many people shocked. The variation among the India and the US pricing, uniquely regarding iPhone X, has repeatedly elevated the query that if purchasing the new model of iPhone from the US is a better alternative. In case to assist you with a clear and bigger picture, we will provide you with the comparison of pricing among both the countries.

iPhone X

Initiating from the most expensive iPhone X, the various models under Smartphone’s 64GB option has been costs through the Cupertino-based firm in the US at $999. Now looking at the comparison to India, the smartphone must be manufactured feasible in the abrupt cost of Rs. 89,000 that generally translates to $1,388, which can be recognized as 39% more price as in the US. During discussions regarding the internal storage of 256GB alternative of iPhone X, the US it is priced at $1,149 although, in case of India, the flagship handset will shock with the price tag of Rs 1,02,000, that can be approximate $1,591 and shockingly about 39 % more than the price of US again.

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In case of iPhone 8, smartphone’s 64GB alternative in the US stands on $699. While, in India, you can get the flagship handset at the cost of Rs. 64,000, that is about $998 after conversion, roughly 43 % more than its cost in the US. And looking in the matter of option of 256GB internal storage of iPhone 8, then the cost in the US lies on $849 although you can get the same in India at the price of Rs 77,000, which can be around $1,200 and nearly 41 % more than its cost in the US.

Although the flagship model iPhone 8 will be on sale in India on pre-orders starting from September 22 and will be introduced in the market for purchase on 29th September. Now, in case of iPhone X, its pre-orders will start from 27th October and it will be available in the market for purchase from 3rd November.

As with the cost comparison, it will be possible for you to come to a conclusion that India lies in the market where the cost comparison appears to be on the higher level as compared to the US.


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