• This feature to be available on all iterations of the App Store
  • Both free and paid preorders could be offered by the developers
  • In case of price alteration during the pre-order period, the lower price will be paid by the customers

Apple has opened a new doorway for the app users as well as developers with a simple yet alluring feature for the App Store. Now the customers can easily preorder apps from the App Store and on the day of its launch can automatically get downloaded. Interestingly, this feature has been made available for all iterations listed on App Store. This means that whether it is iOS, macOS or tvOS applications, all can be ordered in advance. If in case, the app cost alters, then the user has to pay the price whichever is lower, The Verge reports.

Photo Credit: The Verge

Furthermore, a developer can put their apps listed in the Apple App Store before 90 days of its release. Strikingly, the developers can go for both the free or paid preorders. The twist of the story is that from the last two years Google is having this feature that allows the users to “pre-register for an app on its launch. The only difference lies in the locking of the price. In the Android, this is not available whereas Apple has come up with this unique feature, where customers will have an upper hand if they go for preorders.

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Definitely, this new step from Apple is going to help both the developers and customers. The developers can now easily attract users to their new app and the consumers can benefit from the preorder in terms of money. In situations where the price shoots up for the app, where they can enjoy the luxury of paying less price. This step is getting lauded from all corners, still, this thing has taken a decade time in getting rolled out. Hopefully, the trial download feature gets unraveled in a much lesser time by Apple. Time will show how much successful, this feature will be, but as of now, it appears to be promising.


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