• Apple Map does not show results for J&K and Arunachal Pradesh
  • Similarly, no results are shown in the Weather App for these two states
  • Apple remains silent when requested for an answer

Days after Apple launched the iOS 11, a bug has been reported in the Weather and Apple Maps apps in context to India. The states of Jammu and Kashmir and Arunachal Pradesh are missing from both the apps. Both of these states are considered to be highly sensitive considering their borders shared with Pakistan and China respectively.

Apple Maps

Apple Maps is another useful application for the iOS users that makes it easier for them to finding and arriving at their desired destinations easily. However, the Apple Maps in India is not as capable as Google maps and now adding to the cons, it was recently discovered that the Apple maps app shows “No results” for J&K and Arunachal Pradesh.

If you go ahead and search for the climate conditions in Srinagar on your weather app, you will see the results for “Srinagar” in Bihar and Uttarakhand. And the most shocking fact is that even the recent iOS update from Apple, the iOS 11 also does not lists these two cities.

Apple Maps

Now try searching “Itanagar” (the capital city of Arunachal Pradesh), you will see that the search result shows “Itanagra” from Brazil.Other north-eastern cities pop up in the search results as looked for in both the Weather app as well as in the Maps search.

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29 days ago

Even though Arunachal Pradesh is listed in the search results for both the apps, its major cities including its capital is missing from the search list. The only way to find out the climate conditions in these two cities (J&K, Arunachal) for any iPhone user is the personal voice assistant, Siri. The user can ask Siri “Please update the weather in Srinagar”, but please be aware of the fact that Siri usually looks for the answers through “Google”.

There is no official information regarding any answers from Apple yet about resolving the issues with the WeatherApp and Maps search. But we do know that the company might end up losing many valuable customers considering the huge population in these two states if it doesn’t come up with a solution soon.


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