• SM-G888N0 official support page spotted
  • Phone will come with two screens
  • Expected launch in early 2018

The rumours of a bendable smartphone, Galaxy X from Samsung are reportedly being confirmed as an official support page for the device has now appeared on Samsung’s Korean website. All the pieces have finally started falling into place as the official support page consists of a device with model number SM-G888N0, which as per the reports in the codename for the Galaxy X for South Korea.

Galaxy X


However, one cannot be sure as the official support page does not reveal any other information regarding the Galaxy X, reports GSMArena. It may be noted that a report surfaced earlier that an application for a foldable smartphone was submitted to the South Korea’s National Radio Agency with the name SM-G888N0, which is believed to be dubbed as Samsung Galaxy X or X1 at the time of launch. The phone has reportedly been certified by Bluetooth and Wi-Fi certification authorities.

Galaxy X

The Galaxy X is expected to be launched most probably aside Galaxy S9 which is speculated to be launched in early 2018. There are several other reports that suggest that the phone will be launched during the CES consumer technology show in January 2018.

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The features and specifications of the Samsung Galaxy X have yet not been revealed instead of the fact that the phone will have two displays. A report by LetsGoDigital suggests that the phone will feature two displays, one out of which will be flexible and since not all parts could be made bendable, the phone will only be bending on one side.

Galaxy X

Earlier, ZTE launched a foldable smartphone, ZTE Axon M that had two screens and was capable of bending from the place both the screens were attached to each other. Huawei is also rumoured to be joining the foldable phone club. Apple is also expected to come up with a foldable phone by 2020.

But, the question is, will foldable phone be the next trend? Or not, maybe, who knows?  Do let us know your thoughts on foldable smartphones in the comments section below.


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