• BlackBerry fixed the display issue with KEYone by adding glue
  • KEYone passes Zack Nelson’s durability bend test
  • BackBerry is replacing all the defective units without any cost

While buying a smartphone, along with configuration, camera, battery and looks, display too act as a crucial factor which everyone should keep a check of. A good display is what makes objects on your screen emerge out of it and lets you experience them as real as possible. But the BlackBerry KEYone, instead of feeling characters and objects coming out of it, the display used pop-out. Yes, in June this year, Blackberry faced a huge problem of with the KEYone’s screen coming off.

BlackBerry KEYone Display

While the famous YouTuber Zack Nelson or JerryRigEverything did a strength test on BlackBerry KEYone and found out that the phone’s screen could not survive a moderate pressure held on it and tosses out of the device effortlessly and ultimately, failed the bend test.

In late June, BlackBerry accepted the issues with KEYone screen and explained the reason being adhesive coating between the display and the body not enough. Blackberry also stated that this issue would soon be fixed by adding more adhesive to the void between phone body and the display to protect it from popping out under any circumstances.

BlackBerry KEYone Display

Picture Courtesy (JerryRigEverything)

Well, seems like BlackBerry certainly has managed to work exactly as they said they would and has fixed the issue completely. According to the last video that Zack Nelson posted, the phone has not only passed the test but nailed it completely as if the phone never had an issue. Zack again held a bend test for the fixed BlackBerry KEYone where he tried to knock it off, he tried drying the glue so it could ease the screen to get off the glue’s contact and can come out, he even tried to bend it like Beckham but all the effort went in vain. In the end, to take the screen out of the device, he had to actually destroy the screen.

Well that’s an irony, isn’t it? A phone which couldn’t keep the screen on its body for long now has a screen which could be shattered, destroyed and wrecked but not physically removed. BlackBerry has not only succeeded in sticking the screen to the phone but also its fans to itself with that strong adhesive.

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If you’re still using the KEYone with a defective screen, you can get it replaced by Blackberry now. Let us know what’s your take on the BlackBerry KEYone’s update in the comments section.


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