Facebook, the part and parcel of our lives. The app that started as simple messaging app has now become a huge affair. It offers us so much more now like letting you play with your friends and letting the world know what you are up to at the exact moment by going live from anywhere and everywhere. In addition to the social scene, Facebook now lets you transfer money to you friends and get it from them if you paid for their drinks a week ago.

What is Facebook Messenger Payments?

Its like bank transfer, you basically transfer money to your friends in the same way. But the catch is that you don’t have to ask your friends for their bank details, you will be able to do it from within the Facebook Messenger and without even leaving the chat.

How does it work?

It’s a piece of cake. For the first time, you will have to fill in your bank details and so will your friends. The app will store the information for future use and you will simply have to send and receive money thereafter. No hassle.

What’s the limit for the transfer?

Well, every single transfer cannot be more than £2,500, which is roughly around 2 lakh Indian Rupees. There is also a rolling 30-day limit of £10,000 which is a little less than 10lakh INR. You want to transfer more than that? Well, you have a luxurious life.

It takes around three business days for the money to transfer in your friend’s account.

How do you use the messenger payments?

Again, a piece of cake. To send money, tap the blue + icon from within the chat and tap the green Payments icon. You have to enter your bank details the first time. Then enter the amount you wish to send, tap Pay and then simply add your debit card. And voilà. You will see the amount raining down on your screen to confirm success of your payment.

To receive funds on the other hand, tap the Add Card from within the chat, enter your card details and wait for the money like that Amazon package you wait for three days.
Send and receive money! As simple as that!


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