• Samsung S9 may come with 1000fps camera
  • Production to being by November
  • Detailed capturing of moments to be redefined

Sony created a benchmark by announcing its camera sensor that could record 1000 frames per second, a few months back. A major innovation for sure. Samsung has reportedly decided to join the league and seems to have created a similar camera sensor that will come with same capabilities as was reported by ETNews. Which raises speculations that the next iteration of the Galaxy S series, Galaxy S9 may come featured with the 1000fps camera.

Galaxy Note 8

Samsung’s approach to the camera sensor is, however, a little different. It is using a slightly diverse setting for stacking up different units and the DRAM for its sensors as compared to Sony’s. The Galaxy S 9 may be Samsung’s answer to Sony Xperia smartphones. What is special about this smartphone camera sensor is that it’s expected that the camera equipped with such sensor will come handy in capturing an object’s movement in detail like fixing posture of a person swinging his golf club. This specific method allows for video recording of up to 1,000 frames per second at 1080p. We have seen this in few of Sony’s devices including the Xperia XZ Premium that has 960 FPS ultra-slow-motion feature.

Samsung Galaxy S8 already sports one of the best cameras amongst all available phones and if this rumour turns out to be true, this could mean that Samsung is trying to take over the photography/filmography aspect of the smartphone market. Samsung’s camera could be faster than any smartphone camera ever. The company’s phablet costs Rs. 67,900 and is to go on sale from September 21. Tech experts recently predicted that Samsung is going to use the DRAM chip together with a 2-layer system that is to be fitted together in order to take sharp and bright pictures. TSV stacking technology can radically increase the performance of a product but this also increases the production cost. The South-Korean giant is expected to come up with the next iteration of Samsung S series, Galaxy S9 in the third quarter of 2018.

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According to the reports, Samsung’s new camera sensor will be going into mass production by November. However, the question still remains. Will a dual rear camera setup be seen in the Galaxy S9, like the one that is available for the Galaxy Note 8.


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