• Numbers and Addresses in Inbox and Gmail will act as a clickable links
  • This conversion of Addresses and contact numbers into links will be processed in iOS Apps and desktop
  • It is done through a proper app made for this

Furthermore, when any emails arrive in your inbox, you might not need it to copy-paste the things on Maps following to observe it within the Inbox or Gmail. Google has finally kicked-off for an update, which provides a form of an app of emails with a capability to convert the email addresses, contact numbers, and addresses into a form of hyperlinks.

It is purposefully a fresh edition, particularly from the time when most of the other apps of mail have been creating the phone number details convenient to be chosen, a long time ago. Currently, all you have to do is click the addresses for viewing them on the email addresses, Google Maps to automatically open in the default browser or email app’s compose window as well as phone numbers window to initiate the call if the user operates it on mobile.


As considered regarding the early phase of this present year, Gmail was not acting to process this basic function amazingly. It is a unique feature that has made it as the most renowned among the several email services within this internet platform. With this initiation, Gmail has dominated the every single email app, which has been made till date, comprising the terrible huge waste, which is seriously the Apple’s default iOS one.

Contact numbers and Addresses will seem to be acting as hyperlinks on whichever processor it’s being used either iOS or Android on mobile and in case of the web in the computer as well. With this feature, it might not be possible for you to make calls, rather with a single click you can start Google Maps along to process a fresh email in the PC. It is being evaluated that the latest feature is presently being active for use, rather in another case it might not acts properly, then need not to worry, because Google itself has confirmed that it might require 2-3 days to process out entirely.

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iOS and Android have basically had contact numbers connecting linking regarding a moment via an OS standard operation, rather the left of the feature (comprising contact numbers on the internet) are completely fresh to the Gmail, at least in the matter of Google’s earlier programme. After this, a single question arises that How did it occur? Did it was realized by someone on the Google that something within the Google was not using its own websites and apps? It is completely shocking to anyone.

Lastly, it is not even confirmed regarding what to state as per the current launch of this feature. Just make a click on the lane address and it will open in your Google maps window. And what about the Email address? It will open in a composed window to open it for a fresh email. And in consideration to the contact numbers – It’ll launch the default dialler in the phone for you to make the call.


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