• New feed available for both Android and iOS Application
  • It will allow you to filter your search results according to your interest
  • Update offers personalized news stream and Google drop Instant search feature

Google introduced the new feed in its search application in India on September 8. With this update, the user can filter the search results by his/her own wish. The user can also prioritize the feed according to his topics of interest. This new feed is available with the latest update of the application; the user just needs to update the current application.


For now, this update is available in English and Hindi and will show the results in card format. Every card appearing in the search will have a “follow” button. The future search will then give results by prioritizing and filtering them according to the pages, social media accounts, blogs and alike followed by the user.


Google’s new update basically memorizes the results from the search history of the user and then provides future search results of similar topics according to their relevance and popularity online.


Be it your favorite celebrity’s page, your favorite music bands, classic or new movies, sports and even TV series, you just need to tap on the “follow” button in order to start receiving updates about the same.


It was also officially stated, “Should you choose, you can unfollow a topic or interest – simply tap a given card in your feed and unfollow, or visit your Google App settings to remove it from your feed.”


In addition to this, “You can access the new feed by updating and launching the Google app on your phone. The feed will enable you to see cards containing the very latest sports highlights, top news, engaging videos, new music, stories about your hobbies and more, and will be available in English and Hindi.”

This update is launched in order to enhance the search experience of the Google application users in India. With this update the user can now stay updated on the topics of their interest very easily and smoothly.

But only after experiencing the update first-hand can one determine whether it indeed is a cool update or not. Time to update then!!


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