• 'Lite' version of Google Search
  • Can be accessed of low speed internet
  • Consumes very less data

Having expensive multitasking smartphones packed with applications that aim to make our lives less miserable, is not the ultimate solution. Believe us, A good internet connection is. But to terminate that suffering partially, No! nobody’s setting a 10 mbps speed internet router every 10 meters, But to minimise the problems faced due to slow internet connection, Google is bringing a Google Search Lite app for locations like India where internet connection complication is not very rare. Google Search Lite would be a solution as it would be exactly same google search platform which would use less data and could be accessed by users having a low-speed internet.

Google search lite

This would include everything from the current google search options such as News, Images, Top Sites, Weather, Nearby, Translate and Offline Pages. This would be a whole new experience unlike that of the regular Google search by providing all these options already placed in a grid.

Google search lite is expected to be similar as YouTube Go, the Lite version of YouTube which was launched in India, way earlier. Facebook also used this ‘Lite’ concept in 2015, building an application which is being used by millions of users today. This is just to benefit the users of region having slow internet connection like India. According to Android Police, Google Search Lite was recently seen as Facebook ads in Indonesia. This link then was redirected to the app at Google Play Store.

google search lite
Talking of customisation, Google search lite allows the user to customise the application, letting you change your preferred languages, personalising the app icons and using the voice search altogether.

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