• Pixel, Nexus and Android One phones to engage in ViLTE calls
  • AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon supporting this feature
  • Duo connects to any phone where the app is installed

Bidding adieu to complex ways of making a video call Google has unfolded the simplest way of making a video call. Gone are the days of the outmoded style of video chat. Now just with a tap on a phone, anyone can connect the dear ones easily. Similar to a call or text users may start a video chat, thereby narrowing the gap between their friends and family. However, there are lots of video calling apps are available in the marketplace, but, Google DUO will be the better one.

It has proven it again that it is always ready to introduce new things in the virtual world of apps. Google informed that it has upgraded the voice calling, thereby adding new wings to the android apps. Currently, this integrated video calling is initiated to the first-generation Pixel, Pixel 2 phones, Android One, and other Nexus devices. Within few months Google is also planning to roll it out on other devices as well.

The important thing which users need to know about this video call is that through Google Duo any of their video calls can get connected to any handheld device where the app is installed. And, also users would be able to make video calls directly from Phone, Contacts and SMS app. In the case where the call is connected to devices that support ViLTE video calling, then the call will be directed via the ViLTE service of the device.

DUO is a one to one calling application and due to its high-quality video calling it is quite running well in the market of Android quite well. The design of the application is as simple as anyone of us can easily operate Google DUO. After a quality test and refinement, Google has started to add this application to their suit as well.

Though various chatting apps have started offering video calling facility, Google adding video feature to the Android Suit may not prove a very revolutionary step. However, the initiative Google has taken initiative to allow users to install default apps separately can be very helpful and has started with the battery app that is available on play store as ‘Device Health Service’.


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