• The update will commence from today
  • It includes processing of various Indian languages for translation
  • The translation app also includes a unique feature of offline translation

Google had recently declared regarding numerous updates that are taking place in its translating app. Initiating from today, users from different languages such as Urdu, Telugu, Tamil, Marathi, Kannada, Gujarati, and Bengali might experience the additional service of offline translations as well as immediate visual translation within their desired language.

Google Translate

In order to activate this feature, just tap touch the mic option from your device and start uttering your selected dialect, after that click on the mic option again, and to your convenience, there will be recognition of your selected language by the Google Translate app. This app includes two languages to be spoken, making it easier for you to have a smooth chat, as declared by the company. Along with the Google Translate, people can easily convert their device into an effective translation tool, that can be used either for their work, travel, business or studies.

Google Translate

This recent change in the app facilitates the Indian people for employing the app to use it on their offline mode also by Google Translate offline feature. Regarding this offline access, while the people should download either the pack of language, which is to be converted or only both the languages when a chat is needed to be converted. It is executed by choosing the dialect choice option that arrives following to the accessing of translation app’s home page.

The other chief feature that can be experienced in this new Translate app seems to be its Word Lens option that facilitates the camera enables offline and online translations by showing the English text in front of the camera. From the time, the feature is equipped through the machine learning, it is said to be appearing as a feature that may not needs a pack of languages, as well as shows on the screen with the matter being translated.

Google Translate

Each of the features is previously feasible in the Hindi language within the Google Translate app, but now such features must be offered for the extra Indian dialects on both iOS and Android. Google Translate has too integrated the app with the support regarding the translation mode in any of the regional dialects comprising Tamil and Bengali.


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