• iOS 11 beta 6 has been released with some minor tweaks in app icons
  • Pencil, ruler and paintbrush in the App Store icon have now been replaced with Popsicle sticks trio
  • Road in the new Map icon is straight with bigger and bolder direction indicators

The announcement to bring out iOS 11 was made in Worldwide Developers Conference in June by Apple. Since then, the company has been tweaking and heavily testing the app icons in its beta version, with recent design changes made in the Maps and the App Store. As the launch of iOS 11 is getting closer, beta versions iOS have started to roll out more frequently. Apple has now released the iOS 11 Beta 6 developer beta recently, and there have been a few tweaks in app icon designs.

iOS 11 Beta 6

App icons including Maps, App Store, AirPod animations and a few other cosmetic changes are a part of the iOS 11 Beta 6 update. The update also features bug fixes and performance upgrade as well. The pencil, ruler and paintbrush combination that formed an A on the App Store has been replaced with the trio of popsicle sticks.

iOS 11 Beta 6

The Map icon does not have a road that diverges at a right angle, but, it has been replaced by a straight road, instead. The direction indicator looks bigger and bolder now and the route number has more prominence. The Map icon now features Apple Park’s main ‘spaceship’ structure, instead of Apple’s longtime headquarters. Lane Guidance has also been added to the Maps, however, it isn’t confirmed if this aspect will be as versatile as Google Maps navigation in India.

iOS 11 Beta 6

The Clock icon has not witnessed any major tweak compared to the previous beta version, but, the number look bigger and bolder now, while the colour of second hand has been changed from red to yellow. Sources have it that icons in new iOS 11 are displayed at a higher resolution, making them clearer and brighter. The company has made changes to Reminders, Contacts and Notes apps.

The six live wallpapers are no longer pre-loaded, while Auto-Brightness witnessing a move from Display and Brightness to Display Accommodations in the Accessibility section of settings.

If you crave getting these new icons on your device, you can wait till the official version of the operating system is released. Or you can sign up for developer updates and register your device in the Apple program paying a fee of $99.

Wondering how to install iOS 11 public beta on your device?

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