• Next-generation iPhone expected to be launch next month
  • The upcoming iPhone will have wireless charging feature
  • Rumored to come up with larger screen and high power battery

The declaration of next-gen iPhone is near the corner & there are already some rumors in the market regarding its key feature. It is too enticing to hear news like upcoming iPhone will have the wireless charging. But recent trending rumors amongst all are slow wireless charging in upcoming iPhone 8.

The Android smartphone makers already introduced the upgrade like wireless charging phone years ago. Apple is already late to offer this technology to its customer and the cobblestone is already in the path of upcoming Apple’s flagship device iPhone 8.

One of the Japanese website “Macotakara” claims that iPhone 8 will use 7.5W inductive charging, which is just half the speed of their contemporary Qi 1.2 standards, which they are using. It might be slower than a various Android smartphone but will surely be faster than the 5W charger. It is also assumed that the brand can also use the larger display and battery in order to give tough competition to its rivals.

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According to the reports, the brand will use the Qi wireless charging standards, so that the device won’t work on third party charges. That means the Apple will follow Mfi (Made for iPhone) norms and the user will not have any other option except to buy Apple certified products.

While another rumor for the brand is the photo shared by Benjamin Geskin of logic boards, which is assumed to of iPhone 7s & 7s Plus. With the clues from the shared photos, it is observed that this process will be used to balance the back of their A11 process.

Image Source: VenyaGeskin1

The brand is trying their best for full-scale the production of iPhone 7s and 7s Plus production. With rumored stories revolving around it might be possible that the 7s and 7s Plus will also have the wireless charging.

Well, all the things are going to be resolved very soon as the Apple’s September event is assumed to take place in next three weeks. The speculated launching date of next-gen iPhone is 12th September but the company has done no official announcement.


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