• Polycarbonate body that supports wireless charging
  • Similar design and features as iPhone X
  • May shift to LCD display from OLED one to cust cost

Apple launched the anniversary special smartphone, the iPhone X in September and the world went crazy. The world divided into two groups – there were people who were ready to do anything to get one for themselves while others who criticized the smartphone for its design and also cost. But, almost everyone would have wanted to know how its feels to own a bezel-less smartphone, best smartphone from Apple till date or the most expensive smartphone till date. You can have your own reasons for that but matter of fact is that we were amazed and cannot afford to buy a phone costing Rs 89,000 for lower variant.

iPhone Xc
Photo Credit: iDROPNEWS

If the only thing that was keeping you from owning an iPhone X, then this news is for you as Apple may come with a toned down variant of the phone with the name, iPhone Xc. The ‘c’ model was first launched for iPhone 5 and could be implemented to the iPhone X. Sounds silly, but the concept images of the iPhone Xc shared by iDrop News changed our mind. The iPhone Xc images show an affordable, polycarbonate phone that has design and all features of the iPhone X. The phone can prove compelling for both consumer and Apple.

iPhone Xc
Photo Credit: iDROPNEWS

To recall, there were reports recently that Apple will be coming up with three bezel-less phones with design similar to that of the iPhone X. Two out of the three will feature OLED display while one will use an LCD display. Now, the iDrop News has suggested that an iPhone Xc device could be the one that will use the LCD panel to cut costs.

iPhone Xc
Photo Credit: iDROPNEWS

The polycarbonate body also cust cost but provides increased durability compared to all-glass design and also supports wireless charging. The website further suggests that the phone may come in a price range of $450-$550 and can prove very crucial in price sensitive markets including India and China.

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What are your views regarding the cheaper version of the phone? What colour would you want your iPhone Xc to come with? Do let us know what all would you expect from the new rumoured device in the comment section below.


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