• HTC U11 is the new flagship device from the company for 2017
  • Rumored to be the same HTC Pixel 2XL device that was scrapped by Google
  • Device carries all glass look with battery of 3,930mAh

The buzz in the smartphone world is that HTC flagship device, which has been released recently is the one that was scrapped by Google earlier this year. Just like the first generation pixel phones were made by HTC, this time too it was expected that Google will go with HTC Pixel 2XL. The things went sour from which side is still a mystery, but certainly it was LG that bagged the deal and came up with Pixel 2XL for Google.

HTC U11 Plus

Now, the device is back in the news with its latest smartphone HTC U11 Plus. The device has some remarkable features that are way beyond the LG Pixel 2X, still, there are some attributes, which are akin to second generation Pixel 2. Amazingly, both the smartphones have 6-inch 2880 x 1440 displays with 18:9 aspect ratios. Furthermore, this phone comes with a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor that will remind you of Pixel devices. This is not a signature style of the HTC made devices that usually is enabled with a fingerprint sensor on a physical home button.

Pixel 2 Xl

If you take a look at the translucent Black version of HTC U11 Plus, then there are some features that are unique and profusely different from LG. This device is donning LCD display, which is an improvement from the LG made the display of Pixel 2XL. The battery is also having a better capacity of 3,930mAh in comparison to second-generation Pixel 2. Although, the company has tried to retain some of the typical attributes of HTC such as the all-glass look.

The upgraded edge sense and Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 Octa-core processor is ready to compete with the other brands in the market like new Redmi Y1 or OnePlus 5. Although, with the main camera of 12.2 MP, and a front camera of 8MP resolution, this phone seems to have lower chances of appeal among the selfie lovers, but definitely with good battery capacity and 6GB RAM, it will turn many other smartphone lovers. The time will only tell whether HTC will be able to woo the user more than LG or will fall flat in this race of selfie smartphones.


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