• LG to launch more "variant models in the G series or V series."
  • The name of the G-series might also get changed
  • New brand strategy in pipeline for the G series

At a time, when the announcement of the LG latest flagship devices was expected at the Mobile World Congress 2018 event, which will be held in Barcelona, there LG has revealed its intentions of not following its annual launch cycle for smartphones at a press conference in CES 2018. The South Korean company will bid adieu to its fixed plan of launching smartphones. It is important to recall that the G-Series is expected to be launched this year in the first half by LG and the V-Series in the second half. This initiative could be the result of the losses that LG is incurring from past some quarters. Alongside the shift from launch cycles, LG also wants to release more variants of its existing lineup.

According to The Korea Herald, Jo Seong-jin , the CEO and Vice Chairman of LG Electronics cleared at the press conference the intentions of the company that it won’t be launching its devices in competition with the counterparts, but “when it is needed”. He also pointed out that the company will be launching G series and Vseries in a way that can help in increasing the longevity of LG existing devices.

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Furthermore, ZDNet reports that there is chance that LG will change the name of its G-series for its flagship devices of 2018. Earlier there was a report of The Investor that suggested the change of the G-series name with a two-digit number. The South Korean consumer electronics company, LG is trying its best to challenge its counterparts by attracting users towards its smartphones. It will be interesting to note that Samsung will be unveiling the Galaxy S9 at MWC 2018 in February. Now, the question is whether LG will be ready with its G-series by then. Even if it does, then how far its flagship device will be able to woo the users.


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