• Priced at Rs 9,990 for iPhone 6 and 6S
  • Exclusively available on Yerha.com
  • Has an additional SIM card slot as well

When it comes to durability, reliability and having a proper digital eco-system, there is no better bet than Apple products. Although they do command a premium, there are very few phones running on other operating systems that can have the capabilities of an iPhone. However, what iPhones miss out on are some key critical aspects which may be needed by some including extended battery life on the move, additional storage space and most importantly another SIM card slot. A Chinese startup company, Yerha.com may just have addressed these issues with the Mesuit Smart case for the iPhone 6 and 6S.

Available exclusively on the startup’s official website, Yerha.com, the Mesuit Smart case is priced at Rs 9,990. It connects to an iPhone through the lightning cable slot and has an additional battery pack, a SIM slot as well as an additional memory of 16GB. Initially launched by Jijia in July last year, the Mesuit case also offers an Android interface. The advantage of providing a second operating system, particularly Android is the larger portfolio of free apps on the Google-owned OS.

A user would have to install the Mesuit app through the App Store which gives access to an Android OS. Users would also be able to use two SIMs in one iPhone and the additional battery pack has a capacity of 1,700mAh. According to Yerha, this would give an additional seven hours of standby time which is commendable and would essentially work in situations where an iPhone is low on juice, particularly on the move. The Mesuit Smart case measures 160.5X70X5.5mm which will make the phone bulkier than earlier, however, considering the added versatility of using two operating systems as well as other key aspects that were missed in iPhones, it can be termed as a valid trade-off.


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