• The modified Android Oreo Pixel Launcher is now available
  • It comes with many features such as pinch to overview
  • It can be installed on any non-Pixel devices

Striving to satisfy all Pixel and non-Pixel users, Google launched its modified Pixel Launcher in June this year. This launcher allows all non-Pixel users as well to install the Pixel-exclusive features on their Android devices. The thing to notice further is that this modified Pixel Launcher comes with the Android Oreo Features.

What’s the hype about this new modified launcher though?

Google’s previous Pixel Launcher in Android Oreo was only limited to Pixel and Nexus devices. The new modified Pixel Launcher (version2.1) is available for all non-Pixel users as well, thanks to AmirZ. The developer has built this using the Android Open Source Project’s Launcher3 and has made personal modifications to the Launcher while adding an impressive array of new and improved features.

Pixel launcher

Features like coloured notifications dots, ability to change system icon shapes without having to turn on developer options and ability to swipe down for notification panel from anywhere on the screen have been added. Improvements such as the appearance of current data on Google Calendar app icon, pinch to overview and pressing the date widget opens the default calendar app have been made as well.

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But the features and improvements don’t just end here. Other features that come in the modified launcher with the new OS iteration Oreo include- the Oreo theme has been back ported to older OS versions with Pixel Blue accent colour, the notification dots have been back ported to Marshmallow, a symmetrical hot seat has been ensured, backport of circle icons have been taken care of, automatic prompts for notification access so you won’t have to dig through settings menu, the keyboard properly closes when returning to the home screen from any app and the update comes with Samsung Secure Folder compatibility as well.

The Pixel Launcher version 2.1 is not available to download on Google Play but you can still download the APK file from GitHub. To get this port on your device, make sure that you don’t have the previous iterations of this app already installed on your phone. You can get a corrupt package error if you try to install it over the older version of the same. And you definitely don’t want an error.

Download Pixel Launcher and enjoy the experience of stock experience on your device. Do let us know about favourite launcher in the comments section below.


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