• Nokia 8's cameras developed in partnership with Carl Zeiss
  • Nokia's 2017 Android flagship is powered by Snapdragon 835 SoC
  • Comes with Android 7.1.1 out of the box, with promise of Android O

Finally, the most awaited Nokia Android powered flagship, Nokia 8 has been launched by HMD Global, in London. Nokia 8 would be globally available for sale in mid-September at around EUR 600 but would be hitting Indian markets for around 45,000 INR, in early October. After several leaks and rumors, Nokia showcased their latest bet in the smartphones market. The Nokia 8 has a mixed bag of goods and let-downs. Read on for your dose of “All You Need To Know” about the Nokia 8.

Four Colors From Day One

nokia 8 colors

This most promising Nokia android product would be available in four colors, Polished Copper, Polished Blue and Steel which may be location specific. According to the CPO – HMD Global, Juho Sarvikas, Nokia 8 would be equipped with a unique Heat Management system, a copper pipe containing fluid, being condensed at the right-top and left-bottom edge while being evaporated in the middle. Also graphite and aluminum help the phone attain thermal stability. Nokia definitely aims to drag self back in the game with this smartphone as their supreme weapon. Unlike the competitors, Nokia 8 is not water-resistant but just Splashproof, being IP54 rated.

Spec-Wise, Nokia 8 Stands Reasonably Well Against Other 2017 Flagships

nokia 8 competition

HMD joins the race by keeping Nokia 8’s rivals in mind. Nokia 8 runs on Spandragon 835 along with 4GB RAM and would be powered by 3090 mAh battery. This Nokia flagship device would be provided with 5.3 inches LCD display along with 64GB of internal storage which can be further expanded by MicroSD card. These specifications seem to keep Nokia 8 at a very good place, having OnePlus 5, iPhone 7 and Samsung S8 as competitors.

It’s All About The Camera


Keeping the trend alive, Nokia has also introduced a 13MP dual rear camera setup, collaborating with Zeiss and bringing the Image Fusion Technology to play. The front lens is also a 13MP sensor with auto-focus. Nokia 8 brings an all-new camera mode called the ‘Bothie mode’. With this, the photo/video shooting can be done by both front and the rear camera, simultaneously, splitting the screen into 50-50 and letting the footage to be streamed at Facebook/YouTube Live directly.

Sound Recording Quality Is Also A Win Here

HMD Global certainly didn’t want to save their trump card for later, hence, Nokia 8 has not only been integrated with superb camera specs but a very impressive Ozo Audio system including everything from high range recording microphone and high-quality audio output. This solution previously was found in 360-degree VR cameras used by Hollywood and other professionals and is a first for mobile. Basically, the phone uses multiple microphones to capture high dynamic range and record binaural audio, which means that you’ll get high-quality stereo sound when you go to share the video with your friends, family, or YouTube/Facebook fans.

Nokia’s Design Decisions Are Somewhat Dated

The Nokia 8 might have great under-the-hood specs but it sits things out when it comes to a lot of 2017’s big tech trends. There’s no waterproofing here, with just IP45 splash resistance. There’s also no 2:1 display like the G6 or S8, and the bezels here are also pretty big. Lastly, the Nokia 8 has physical buttons in a world where even Samsung is switching things up.

One trend that Nokia does embrace? As already mentioned, it has a rear camera and one that – on paper at least – looks very impressive.

It’s not a ‘budget’ flagship, and it’s coming next month

In many ways, the Nokia 8’s spec sheet somewhat reads similar to the OnePlus 5, but unlike that device, the Nokia 8 is priced similarly to more expensive flagships. Nokia’s flagship will debut on September 6th globally for a price of 599 Euros. While the US price tag hasn’t been revealed yet, the European pricing translates to around $700. Unless the US price ends up much lower than the European, that means it might be a bit cheaper than the iPhone or S8, but it is within a similar range to HTC, LG, and several other premium flagships.

nokia 8 back

Apart from the trademark flagship smartphone’s trendy curve and waterproofing superpowers, Nokia 8 has got decent core specifications and elite looks which make it another promising contender for this segment. Tell us what’s your take on this all-new Nokia 8, in the comments section below.


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