A OnePlus 5 charger reportedly exploded while it was plugged in, leaving minor injuries to the owner. The OnePlus is the most top-rated brand in India as it scored 100% in customer satisfaction. The victim had reportedly removed the phone from charging seconds before the charger exploded leaving minor injuries to the owner. The victim took it to twitter to share the images of the exploded OnePlus 5 charger.

The news of phones and chargers exploding are rare but not unheard. What is interesting here is that the company that has been rated highest for customer satisfaction in India has not responded to the complaints properly and the victim has posted another tweet expressing his disappointment. The victim slightly that the company had blamed electricity fluctuations to be the reason behind the explosion.

This comes from the OnePlus which was rated highest in the CMR MICI survey, a study that involves the quality of the device, the quality of service and after-sales support.

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6 days ago

We do not advise you to panic if you own a OnePlus 5 as it looks more of a rarest of rare incidents. However, there have been a couple of incidents earlier when OnePlus smartphones have exploded but were not able to garner much attention.

To recall, OnePlus just launched its new flagship device, OnePlus 5T, which will go for sale in India starting from November 21. OnePlus 5T is a slightly upgraded variant of the OnePlus and comes with a slightly larger screen and few new features. Such a news is not a good sign for the Chinese manufacturer just prior to the launch of its new flagship smartphone.


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