• Complaints directed by users to security@oneplus.net
  • Currently, users may use PayPal to make purchase on OnePlus online store
  • OnePlus confirmed no such leak

2017 seemed to be a great year for OnePlus with more than 1.4 billion of revenue in the bank, but the new year doesn’t appear much promising to the Chinese smartphone manufacturer. Many users have raised issue highlighting that their credit cards details have been leaked after they have made purchases at the online store of OnePlus. In fact, they found that someone tried to use their money on quick-to-cash-out places such as the random betting websites or coupons or lottery sites, etc. Although, the hacker was not able to get out the money as the modern credit cards have security built-in security, still, this buzz has alarmed several users.

After all this hue and cry, OnePlus ultimately responded to the complaints of the users and has assured they will be investigating these reports. Nonetheless, the Chinese tech giant has made it crystal clear that the website doesn’t store details of any credit card users and has not accepted any type of breach. As of now, the company has temporarily disabled the credit card use on its online store and in case users have any complaints they are directed to security@oneplus.net. All those who want to make purchases from the store can now stick to the PayPal payment mode as a precautionary measure.

It is also advisable that all those consumers who have made purchases recently from OnePlus website must immediately check their bank accounts. The problem could have occurred from the weakest link and that could be the Magento e-Commerce website. Users have taken it this matter to Reddit as well as the official forum. Let us wait and watch to know how OnePlus handles the matter.


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