• US, UK and South Korea Samsung users to be the first ones to test the Oreo presence
  • Users to sign up Beta registration by via the Samsung Member app or Samsung+ app
  • Will help in providing Feedbacks on Samsung Experience 9.0 performance

Samsung is preparing itself from all corners to ensure that its next flagship device doesn’t fail to meet the expectation of the users. Keeping this in mind, the Samsung Experience 9.0, which is based on the latest operating system version and is built on the User Interface and User Experience of Android Oreo, has been rolled out.

For Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 + Android 8.0 Oreo Beta Update has been introduced. This will help Samsung to get the feedback from the users directly on the Samsung Experience 9.0. Earlier, when Galaxy Note 8 was introduced, then it was accompanied by Samsung Version 8.5.

Galaxy S8

In the US, the latest version is available in KT or LG U+ or locked on Sprint or T-Mobile. In South Korea, it is available on SKT. In case of UK, the users must have an unlocked Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ unit in order to test the presence of Android 8.0 Oreo Beta version.

Although, the users cannot find any notification from Samsung on the changes introduced in the latest Experience 9.0 with respect to the last 8.5 version. Still, there are users on Reddit who have highlighted some new features after getting the initial access to Oreo version. Some of the new features are launcher shortcuts like “OK Google” and coloured media notifications. Other appealing features are colour distinctions, enhanced autofills, and Android Instant app support.

The Samsung applications have got a new look while the rest features are all that of Oreo. The testing was started in September itself, but now it has been introduced to the users. Now, the question is that whether Samsung will be able to retain its hold on the users, when companies like Xiaomi, OnePlus and LG are ready to challenge Samsung products directly.


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