• Redesigned improved UI display
  • Augmented RAM administration
  • Instant speed of image loading

A new milestone setter OnePlus is back again with its new update with OxygenOS open beta 23/14 in its model OnePlus 3 and 3T, integrating it along with numerous improvements, constancy augmentations, as well as added aspects. The display’s color temperature has been tweaked by OnePlus, in order to make the sRGB color calibration to be easily leaned by its panels.

Oxygen OS

Added with numerous updated features such as — its UI display of lift-up feature has chosen the battery indicator; you can also make sure that you may also activate the block notifications by moving to the applications, which are secured under the app locker. Looking further, now the contacts piece is also seem to showcase an alphabetical bar. The improvements also comprise the security patch of August, as well as the time taken for loading the gallery images is within an eye-blink. It has also integrated a watermark of “Shot on OnePlus” to the pictures by facilitating it through the camera configurations. You can also experience the improved accuracy of location regarding the weather widget.
The latest updates of OxygenOS Open Beta 23 have arrived with the consecutive changes:


  • Supports functions to block the notifications from the applications secured under the app locker.
  • Augmented constancy of identical apps.
  • Configured color resolution of default display calibration.
  • Integrated card of e-warranty.


  • Integrated immediate index bar featuring in the contacts UI.
  • Changes to advised amalgamate operationally.
  • Augmented experience of switching among the calls.


  • With improved images loading speed.


  • With advanced experience of finding cities.


  • Features new addition of “Alarm Calendar” – it is used to set the schedule of irregular alarm. It is started by just clicking on the 3 dot option beside the “repeat”, just after setting the time.

With the above stated updates, you may not get to turn on the flashlight. Although, basic operations will be restored following to the device reboot.


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