• Bixby voice assistant was introduced previously this year in Galaxy S8
  • It seems that this option is less of useful and more of annoying to the users
  • With a new updates in Samsung, users can immediately stop this irritating voice assistant

Samsung finally is on a way to lessen its stubbornness regarding the about the newly integrated feature Bixby button available in newly introduced Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus handsets. As per the latest information, it can be verified that current software regarding the Samsung’s own virtual helper ultimately creates it feasible to disable the fixed Bixby’s physical button. With reference to many reports, this is really going to be authenticated in this case – and to its best, you can even possibly do the same by installing the latest edition of Bixby as well as Bixby Home.

Samsung Bixby

Samsung primarily originated its latest voice assistant – Bixby, previously the same year by adding a button in the flagship handset of Galaxy S8. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is also comprised of the Bixby button, rather the company has denied to facilitate its customers possessing both the smartphones and personalise the Bixby button as well as alter it through the technical helper to provide to execute something really useful. The latest flagship model – Galaxy S8 manufacturer had even made effort for halting third-party apps by unlocking this button, an option, which has annoyed a large number of S8 owners.

The newly integrated Bixby voice assistant has till now never received much appreciation by its users, rather most of them have been really annoyed by the dedicated Bixby button, which is fixed in the flagship models of Samsung. The button not only just allowed the configuration to users for opening their desired app through their voice, although it opens the Bixby home, if pressed accidentally, either the users don’t want it to perform. A huge appreciation for the latest Bixby update that is being introduced for the users to disallow Bixby button by opening the unwanted Bixby home. The new edition of the Bixby appears with the number


Most of the owners might not feel necessary the requirement of Bixby Home option in the face of the dedicated button present on their handset. Presently, almost since after a period of one month following to creating the technical service feasible globally, Samsung attempted to facilitate the owners of Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy S8+, and Galaxy S8 to disable the dedicated Bixby button present on it.

Samsung Bixby

With reference to the reports, the latest updates in Bixby integrates a toggle, which can easily turns off the dedicated button available on the handset. In this way, if any user presses accidentally, then the AI service will not launch, and it must be initiated just by swiping towards the left of the home screen. The AI service will although respond to your voice if summoned up with “Hello Bixby” and give it a try to understand the objects, provide you the updates of weather and traffic updates as well.

The execution seems to be the casual presently. Few of the smartphones have availed this toggle following to the updates and few haven’t. Possibly it might require some more time to be feasible in every handset of Samsung galaxy Note 8 and Galaxy S8.

With this update, it is hence expected that there will be no such disturbance from the unnecessary interrupting Bixby in the latest flagship handset of Samsung.


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