• Silver iPhone X 10 second video uploaded to Reddit
  • iPhone X’s controversial notch look might appear similar to an eyesore
  • iOS 11 might have issues for users

The preorders of the much-awaited iPhone X will start on November 3 with deliveries slated to begin a week after the pre-order starts, clearing even a single iota of doubts from every iPhone user. the iPhone X is due to be released in less than two weeks of time and we can already see photos and videos of the phone out in the wild. Recently, a video of a silver iPhone X has been spotted. The 10-second video was uploaded by a Reddit user and shows the silver flagship smartphone in all its glory.

Undoubtedly, the edge to edge design is look is amazing, but it’s Instagram look is not much appealing. In fact, it won’t be wrong to say that the Instagram look is a disappointment. Still, there are other silver linings that appear quite promising and one such is its display.

Another iPhone X in the wild (Loud Audio) from apple

Everything has its pros and cons and definitely, for the first few days, anyone can find it difficult to adapt to. Certainly, there are some notch related issues that can create a headache for the user. According to one of the users who commented on the video, the device could throw some tough times to the users with respect to the portrait and landscape.

iPhone X

In iOS 11, the API to manage the notch correctly is something new and the users can have difficult times in following it. There are some troubles that can crop up while using most of the apps. Perhaps not surprisingly, this is nothing new as this was one of the issues that were present with iPhone 6 plus as well. Some of the apps were optimized for smaller screens only at that time.

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Early adopters are advised to keep their expectations low with the edgeless OLED display of the iPhone X. It won’t be wrong to say that the notch look appears like an eyesore. Notch has been considered by many as a bad design, but it is better to leave it on time. After the device is out properly, then only any explicit comment could be given. As of now, wait and watch.


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