• Twitter is about to exceed character limit to 280
  • The option has been a top request by everyone, notes Keith Coleman
  • The new feature will let you privately save tweets for later

As a Twitter user, how many times have you stumbled upon a tweet or tweet thread that you so badly wanted to view later but just lost it amidst the endless to be seen tweets? Well, for all of you and the likes of you frustrated Twitter users, a fix is on its way.

In an attempt to stay germane in the hyper-competitive social media landscape that is always changing, Twitter has come up with this new update that will make every Twitter user happy for its solving the most common problem.


A “save for later” option can be seen on Twitter in the near future, as was spotted by BuzzFeed. Keith Coleman, the company’s head of product, announced the upcoming change in Twitter in a ‘tweet’. Coleman has said that the feature has been a “top request” and Twitter is firstly looking for user feedback before pushing it out to the wider audience. Adding tweets to the “Liked” tab makes it accessible to everyone as well. Which again isn’t really favored that much for there remains less or no privacy at all.

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But with the new feature, you can click on the ellipsis icon under the certain tweet that you like, which will lead to the “Add to Bookmarks” menu option. These bookmarked tweets can easily be viewed under a separate “Bookmarks” folder. In this way, the new feature keeps things (your likes) private and only you can access these tweets. It will also help reduce the spam in your followers’ feeds and will let you ‘favorite’ a tweet without the world knowing about it.

Both the former and soon to come out features are far from perfect. Each has their own problems. Whereas the former is a multi-stage long process that can be a bit of a drag, the new feature can be troublesome for completely different reasons. Let’s say you wish to bookmark something controversial and you do it with a Like, the update will appear in your followers’ main feed and they could mistakenly interpret that as an endorsement.


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