• Huawei is rumoured to launch P20 smartphone with the aspect ratio of 19:9
  • Huawei is expected to launch one more device with a strange feature related to screening display
  • Huawei ANE-LXB is integrated with Android 8.0 oreo

Existing high and mid-range smartphones are integrated with 18.9 ratio display. However, Samsung devices do support 18.5.9 aspect ratio like in Galaxy S8. Galaxy S8+, Galaxy note 8, galaxy A8 etc. Surprisingly, there are very few smartphones that are integrated with a weird ratio like Huawei devices. Some of them are Xiaomi Mi MIX and ZTE Nubia z17 that supports 17:9 aspect ratio. It is also rumoured that Huawei alleged device also supports bezel-free screen.

Huawei P20
Photo Credit: Weibo

The good news is that Huawei phone is rumoured to launch a unique aspect ratio of 18.7.9 in a smartphone.The latest rumours also state that Hauwai is going to come up with one more device that has a weird aspect ratio of 19:9. Other smartphones have had strange aspect ratios that don’t match up with Huawei aspect ratio. The Huawei P20 is going to set the benchmark with its weird aspect ratio of 19:9. Most of these details have come up as leaks and rumours but we can wait for this amazing feature that Huawei is going to introduce in the smartphone.

Huawei P20
Photo Credit: mobielkopen

The storage device has been passed through HTML5 test. The results reveal that the device has a model number of Huawei ANE-LXB and it is integrated with Android 8.0 oreo. The alleged device also supports a resolution of 360×760. It is estimated that the screen of the device may carry a resolution of 1080 x 2280 pixel. Thus, capable of delivering an aspect ratio of 19:9.

Huawei P20

The product is going the rock the market. It could be one of upcoming Huawei P20 series smartphone. Though, there is no more hint from the company regarding the name of the device. It is revealed that Huawei ordered display panels from Synaptics and has been used in manufacturing extra long full HD+ display that provides 19.9 aspect ratio.


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