• Apple rumored to be working on touchless gesture control
  • Curved iPhone or a foldable iPhone- which is better?
  • Company working on the microLED screen technology that is 4-5 years away

Apple Inc. has been reportedly working on touchless gesture control and interesting curved screens for their future iPhones that could help the company that popularized the use of the mouse in the 1980s to differentiate its product from the ever so increasing smartphone market that is getting overcrowded with new technology every day.

The latest Apple’s iPhones have 3D Touch that responds according to different finger pressures. The new gesture technology that Apple is rumored to be working on would work as per the proximity of the finger to the screen and would let the user perform certain tasks by simply moving their finger near to the screen without actually having to tap it. However, the technology won’t be ready for the consumers for at least two years if the rumors of the company actually working on this are to be believed.

What would a curved iPhone look like? The use of such a design is quite unclear as of now but iDrop News has noted that the device is variably narrower when compared with the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X. The “keypad screen” cannot be seen when the device is fully compressed. Curved iPhone or more like a foldable iPhone whose rumors started circulating a while back! Ben Lovejoy finds the foldable iPhone much more practical than what this could be.

On the possibility that the curved screen is actually in the works-OLED, or organic light emitting diode, displays can indeed be shaped into curves or can even be folded. So the new curved iPhone could actually be just a few years away from us. Apple is reportedly working on a new screen technology known as MicroLED, as well which is safely or sadly at least three to five years away.

Whether Apple chooses to go forward with these two research projects is going to remain a mystery for some time. But Apple does need to step up its game to simply shine out of the herd for the love for Apple amongst the die-hard fans will never fade out.


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