• Newest feature added in WhatsApp is granular storage control
  • Users will now be able to clear messages and data right from the Storage Usage screen
  • This feature is available for WhatsApp Android Beta users

WhatsApp Beta now allows its Android users to clean up the data stored in the phone’s storage space through granular storage control. This feature will be a part of the Storage Usage menu on WhatsApp and users can easily access it. The feature had been introduced for iOS users back in January itself and is now finally available in the beta version.

The feature will give WhatsApp users complete access to manage the data which gets stored in their phone’s memory. Moreover, the users will be able to identify exactly how much amount of data a group or chat is consuming, and which type of files takes up the most storage space. In fact, users will have the choice of deleting the data hogging files directly from the same interface. Doing so will help the user in saving internal storage space on the phone.

To use this feature, the user will need to be on the latest Beta version, i.e. v2.17.340. This can be enabled by signing up for the WhatsApp Beta Program or by installing the APK Mirror. Once downloaded, head to Settings on your WhatsApp Android Beta app and then open Storage Usage. Here all the space-hoarding files will be visible and the user will be able to clear any unwanted data. The user can choose message types including videos, text, images, GIFs, audio messages, voice messages, etc. from specific chats and clear the ones which they feel unwanted.

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In the menu, once a specific chat is selected for clearing the data, the user will see a ‘Manage messages’ option at the bottom of the screen. This option will help the user in selecting the data that they want to specifically delete. For instance, the user can choose to clear all the GIFs and videos from a specific chat, or just delete all the text messages and let all the other content remain intact. WhatsApp is giving its user the option to choose the data which they want to keep stored and which they want to clear.

This feature will surely be happily welcomed by the masses as WhatsApp uses quite a lot of the internal storage space of a device and this quick access of deleting unwanted data will help in saving a great amount of internal storage space. Since the feature is now available in the Beta version, we can soon expect it to be launched for all versions.


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