• Xiaomi to bring the whole shebang to India
  • The move could bring down phone costs
  • 95% employed workforce is women

The manufacturing giant has taken the world by a storm with its smartphones rolling out like ants from a hole. In 2015, Xiaomi announced its part in the ‘Make in India’ initiative of the government. It has indeed invested in Indian start-ups and has also focused on providing cheaper smartphones and keeping production costs real and low.

Finally, the company made a big announcement in the same direction today. Xiaomi will open three new smartphone manufacturing plants in the country while also opening its first SMT (Surface Mount Technology) plant to manufacture PCBA (Printed Circuit Board Assembly) units. This big step will help Xiaomi to cope up with the ever increasing demand its smartphones are getting everyday and also to cut down on manufacturing costs by producing locally. The weekly volume gets sold out in minutes. The country sure loves Xiaomi.

The company’s VP Manu Kumar shed light on the fact that Xiaomi’s manufacturing plants have helped boost company’s production by allowing them to roll out 2 units per second. He also said that the factories employ over 10,000 people wherein 95% of the workforce is women.

The VP also said, “In 2015 we extended our long-term commitment to the Indian market by joining the ‘Make in India’ program. Today we are deepening this commitment with three more smartphone factories and our first SMT plant dedicated towards local manufacturing of PCBA units.”

In addition to the upcoming smartphone manufacturing plants, Xiaomi also talked about establishing a PCBA manufacturing plant in the country that could help bring down the production costs for PCBA takes up 50% of a smartphone’s value. These get manufactured locally, import costs could be avoided that in turn could mean cheaper phones.

God bless Xiaomi!! God bless us all!!


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