• LG Display apparently partnering with Apple for foldable displays
  • Samsung's foldable smartphone, Galaxy X to launch next year
  • Foldable iPhones rumoured to come in the picture by 2020

Samsung is earing more from the sale of iPhones than it is from its own devices. The reason being that Samsung supplies a number of iPhone’s components — particularly its curved OLED display. It must be really difficult for Apple to have to work with its arch-rival in this way, but as it seems, it is out of sound alternatives. Now rumours have surfaced claiming that Apple is working with Apple for a foldable iPhone.

This could be the sole reason for which Apple has decided to work with LG Display- a display solutions arm of LG on a new product. A report by a Korean website pointed out that LG Display has formed a task force to create a foldable OLED screen for a foldable iPhone model that is likely to be launched in 2020. The report also added that LG Innotek is working on developing a flexible printed circuit board or RFPCB for these foldable iPhones.

Photo Credit: iDrop News

A report by The Investor, claims that the production of the panels will start from 2020. This could mean that Apple could postpone its usual iPhone launch that year. However, the report also says that the foldable display panel production for iPhones could start by early 2019.

This report follows the rumours from July that suggested Apple’s plan to apparently invest as much as $2.6 billion in support of LG’s new OLED plant (a deal that hasn’t been finalized as of yet).

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Samsung, however, has an edge over Apple in terms of foldable smartphones. The highly rumoured Galaxy X that is said to be featuring a foldable display is expected to launch next year. The company is currently supplying its first batch of its foldable panels to few Chinese handset makers as well as to its parent company.

Both, Apple’s working on a folding phone and its partnership with LG on a display for the future remain only rumours for now — but with flexible phones already on the horizon and many tech manufacturers looking for ways to stop Samsung’s display dominance, the speculation has got to have some weight to it.


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