• A12 processor will be present in all three iPhones
  • User can expect more advanced improvements in terms of efficiency & performance
  • iOS 11 will be available in the new variants

A few more days are left in the completion of April month and market is eagerly waiting to get the glimpse of yet another astonishing handset of Apple brand. In fact, many marketers are looking forward and aspect to see the three distinct iPhone X successors. As per various reports, few distributors and retailers are speculating that new version might be featured with LCD version, which might be priced as little as $550, and two OLED-based devices.

While the competition is always high between Android and IOS based handsets, in coming days, the competition might get more intense as the new iPhones might come up with extra features. Few reports state that Apple might add a critical feature that might be nearly impossible for an Android rival to develop and copy.

Although, the same A12 processor is likely to make its presence in all three iPhones, as the A11 Bionic was already available in the iPhone X flagship and the iPhone 8 series. Many industry experts state that the Apple won’t like to take any unnecessary chance or risk and probably will undoubtedly remain to stick to the same script. Last few reports have shown that A12 chip will be built on TSMC’s 7nm process. In fact, one must not be surprised to see that the A12 could be the first mobile processor to make a much-expected transition from 10nm to 7nm, which will be an exclusive feature of an iPhone.

Moreover, with new A12, iPhone users could use aspect various speed and the much-needed improvement in efficiency. Some of the experts heard saying that the chip might likely mop the floor and ultimately go to beat the competition. In fact, one must not forget what the 10nm A11 Bionic did the same including the recent one Snapdragon 845 and Exynos 9810 that powered the Galaxy S9, which are both second-gen 10nm chips. So, smartphone lovers get ready to experience the speed gains with the Apple’s adoption of 7nm process technology along with solid iOS 12 experience.

In the latest report, Digitimes has already said that TSMC’s 7nm chips will surely go to help the company gain new record sales in the year 2018. Also, the chipmaker is expected to boost up production of 7nm procedure in the second order to accomplish “profitable orders from Apple” for the A12 chip that will be integrated into the 2018 iPhones.

As per the industry sources, TSMC is also going to introduce new and advanced generation smartphone chips. However, the air has already been cleared that a 7nm Snapdragon chip wouldn’t be accessible before 2019. Consequently, you might expect to see that the Snapdragon 845 will likely be present in the upcoming flagship Android phones in the current year.


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