• With millions of daily active users already, WhatsApp is now introducing us to its own emoji’s line
  • WhatsApp beta version is filled with tempting emoji’s which connects more users to it
  • As per the new update on Emojipedia, WhatsApp launched this start prior to 2nd Oct 2017

WhatsApp is one of the most interesting two-way communication portals, being accessed by millions of users worldwide. The social networking app carries quite good updates & features to its daily users. WhatsApp had recently reached a milestone of 1 billion active users worldwide, it is surely the right time to introduce own designed emoji to the world.

Emojis plays a very vital role in every text message. Many find expressing their feelings via emojis quite easy as they add fun to chats. These tiny symbols intent to understand the message more conveniently and also makes chat App pretty.

Currently, the company introduces their own emojis, like the one used in Apple’s phone, which are conveying emotions with simple text messages. WhatsApp beta version is holding all the emojis right now. Before this update came on Monday, WhatsApp was using Apple’s tiny symbols i.e. emojis for iPhone, Mac, Android and Windows devices.

But with the current “Own-line” designed emojis updated on the beta version, WhatsApp is heading towards a new story of self-establishing. Though, it is quite hard to judge that whose designers have done a good job as both, Apple & WhatsApp are coming up with the same bunch of emojis.

Eventually, It’s rolling towards new emoji world with its own centered symbol designs. But those compelling WhatsApp to accept that they are heading with the same set of emojis designed by Apple’s are not completely right.

As WhatsApp’s information desk lady emoji is dressed in teal shirt whereas Apple’s symbol had a purple shirt and long hairs. Also, WhatsApp’s ghost emoji is totally different in aspects of color shadings & designs.

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The emoji designs which are now sprawling in the beta version might same to Apple’s emoji’s but they are much different in an actual state. In order to use the latest introduced emojis, users have to switch to WhatsApp’s beta version.

Messenger is another name of Facebook’s chat App comes after WhatsApp! It is terrific to know, that messenger is soon going to lose its own set of emojis and instead use the same symbols of Facebook. Both aren’t much different, but Facebook’s symbols are somehow paler than those of Messenger’s.

There’s no doubt, WhatsApp is gearing with some interesting designs which are obviously, unlike Apple’s ones. Are you excited to chat with recently introduced WhatsApp emojis??


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