• The Galaxy Note 8 is getting launched on 23rd August
  • These are the dummy phone's first leaked images
  • Dual rear camera lens and fingerprint sensor will be offered

23rd August, the official launch date of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is approaching closer and hence, the excitement amongst potential buyers would be uncontrollable. Now, images of the dummy phone have leaked online and we must say the Galaxy Note 8 looks absolutely elegant. The images from Weibo are absolutely clear, leaving all the renders to dump now.

samsung galaxy note 8

Talking of the display here, there will be the acclaimed Infinity Display that would come in the new Note 8 along with the curved edges of the screen unlike the sharp ones in S8, as seen in the front images of the dummy Note 8. At the rear, Samsung would be following the trend equipping the phone with dual rear camera lens along with fingerprint scanner and heartbeat sensor.

samsung galaxy note 8

Surprisingly, there seems to be no S Pen here in this dummy model’s image. However, according to earlier reports, Samsung would be providing the S Pen as well. This model image is of Black color while, according to the sources, a Deep Blue Sea color would be an addition to the Note 8 family later.

samsung galaxy note 8

Samsung certainly would be putting a lot of effort in establishing the legacy back again for their Note series. This line up has been one of the most popular lineups of the South Korean phone maker not only because of performance but also what happened with the Note 7 phones. So this seems to be something Samsung must have kept in mind before manufacturing the Note 8. Joining the trend line, Samsung seems to meet the standards of the current market bringing in the dual camera, Infinity Display and fingerprint sensor altogether.

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Not too far, Galaxy Note 8 is coming to the world this 23rd August revealing everything about itself and bringing our predictions as well as anticipations to life. By the next day, it will be unveiled in the US. Within a week later, it will be out for booking process within a few regions like Australia and Korea. And Indian customers would also be able to get their hands on one soon. Let us know how excited you are for the upcoming Note 8 in the comments section.


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