• Student of Tokyo discovered the element accidentally
  • Motorola also owns a patent on self-healing glass
  • LG G Flex 2 had self-healing back panel as well

One of the most common problems we have with our smartphones is that we accidentally drop it and get our screens shattered. With the size of screen of smartphones with each passing day they are getting more and more prone to cracks. Then we try to protect it with the help of tempered glasses to protect our smartphone display. A new report says that you might not have to worry about protecting as some Japanese researchers have a solution for you.

Self-healing glass

A report suggests that researchers from University of Tokyo that discovered a type of glass that is capable of healing itself. This type of glass could be used effectively in screen of phones and other devices. The self-healing glass is made of a polymer called “polyether-thioureas” that allows the glass to repair cracks when pressed upon.

There have been similar methods discovered in past that were applied to rubber and plastic but the researchers say that it is different from them as it is capable of healing itself veen at room temperature.

The self-healing glass was discovered by accident when a student named Yu Yanagisawa was using the material as glue when he discovered its healing properties. However, the claims are hard to believe that the glass can return to its original state in just few hours on room temperature.

However, this is not the first solution for broken displays that has surfaced. Motorola filed a patent recently for self healing display technology that would be capable to fix cracks when heat is applied on it. The somewhat similar technology was seen on the LG G Flex 2 as well which came with a back panel that could repair scratches by itself.

The technology if introduced to smartphones will solve one of biggest problems people face with their smartphones.


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