• Xiaomi unveils WhatsApp Mi Bunny today
  • WhatsApp Mi Bunny subscription is free
  • Users just need to send "Xiaomi" to +91-7760944500 with their name and city to start their interaction

Xiaomi chooses WhatsApp Business platform to come closer to its Indian users. That is why it has rolled out its new WhatsApp-based Xiaomi Mi Bunny service in India on Monday. Interestingly, the subscription to this WhatsApp Bunny service is free. This service will help users to get immediate updates about the latest Xiaomi news, whether it is related to its new product launches, latest deals, reminders about the sales and offers. Users will also be able to receive the notifications of MIUI weekly updates and Mi Fan Meetups via WhatsApp.

This appears to be a prudent step from the Chinese smartphone manufacturer to let the users become aware of their advanced service in order to raise their support requests. If one may recall, the WhatsApp service has been introduced in India in January 2018 and globally it was unraveled in 2017 only. Xiaomi seems to be quick in taking up the opportunity and trying something new.

Mi Bunny

How To Use Xiaomi Mi Bunny

All those users who are interested in this service could easily avail with Xiaomi WhatsApp Mi Bunny service by sending WhatsApp message “Xiaomi” to +91-7760944500 with their name and their respective city. After receiving this message, Xiaomi will send the customers to welcome message and instantly make them posted to all the Mi events scheduled for the city of the user. In case of any customer support requests, users just need to send “Support” on the same +91-7760944500 number and they will be provided some the on-screen instructions, which they must follow to receive support service. Xiaomi has made it clear in a forum post while announcing the unraveling of this new service that it won’t be sharing the details of the users to any “third party services”.

It is not the first time that Xiaomi is trying something to remain close to users. In the starting of this month only, Xiaomi has partnered with Smartbox to offer deliveries on orders made through Mi Store app and Mi.com. This delivery will be made via automated parcel terminal centers present all across the country. As of now, this Mi Bunny service is undergoing beta tests. In future, Xiaomi might include more functionalities in its WhatsApp service.


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