Apple iPhone SE (2020) Review

by MD News Desk May 20, 2020

The Good

Outstanding performance from the A13 chip.

The Bad

Slow 5W charger in the box.

The Bottom Line

Touch ID is back and we love it.

7.2out of 10


  • Display4.7 inches
  • Rear Camera12 MP
  • Front Camera7 MP
  • ProcessorApple A13 Bionic
  • Resolution750 x 1334
  • RAM3GB
  • Operating SystemiOS 13
  • Storage64GB/128GB/256GB
  • Battery1821 mAh
  • WaterproofYes
  • Dual SimNo
  • Quick ChargingYes


In this way, the iPhone SE (2020) is to be sure very little – it estimates 138.4 x 67.3 x 7.3 mm and weighs simply 148g – which means it is 1cm shorter and 3mm smaller than the Mi 9 SE.

 In any case, in the event that we are to contrast the new iPhone SE with the former one, well, it’s unquestionably become greater – 1.5cm taller and 1cm more extensive, to be explicit. It additionally increased some 35g – a recognizable burden in the event that you are looking at those two straightforwardly.

 In any case, undoubtedly – it’s advanced yet additionally, a remainder of our computerized past. The iPhone SE (2020) utilizes a similar Gorilla Glass boards and aluminum outline the iPhone 8 had in 2017 – and still, after all that this structure was at that point three-years of age.

 Furthermore, as the latest teardowns have uncovered, Apple has reused essentially everything in the iPhone SE – from the equipment structure outwardly to the segments utilized inside.

 Still – a glass-sandwich body with a metal edge is the default telephone structure in 2020, so the iPhone SE is as present as conceivable seeing its bill of materials. Surprisingly better, it is IP67-evaluated for residue and water obstruction – something that still many choose not to offer but then, here were have it on a $400 telephone.

 The Home key is additionally your Touch ID – a component many missed when it got the boot on the iPhone X. It is the quickest and most helpful safety effort, and what’s more – the Home key is additionally the better method to work with iOS than the current swiping mess.

 Indeed, the bezels have the advantage of giving decent grasp. Such an incredible little telephone will require an appropriate grasp for gaming, and the two non-screen closes give that in containers. You can rest your thumbs there easily and make the most of your gaming meeting bother and impediment free.

 The 4.7″ IPS LCD screen is recognizable – it’s a similar presentation we saw on the iPhone 8 with the alleged Retina 326ppi goals. There are no indents, it’s completely used by each application and games in view of its local 16:9 viewpoint, it is brilliant and with great complexity and shading multiplication. Little – it is. Awful – it isn’t.

 One thing that is absent from the iPhone 8 showcase is the 3D Touch layer. Apple has jettisoned the 3D Touch sensors for tap and hold signals in addition to input from the Taptic Engine. It works nearly the equivalent, in addition to no one was utilizing the 3D Touch at any rate.

 The hand crafted Gorilla Glass has 2D finish at the front and afterward change rather flawlessly into the aluminum outline. The casing itself has a matte completion that accommodates some hold and contains all ports and fastens.


The iPhone SE (2020) gets iPhone 8 presentation – indeed, a similar that was acquired in any case from the iPhone 6. The board being referred to was presented route in 2014, however it was improved throughout the years with wide shading range support, True Tone upgrades, and HDR changes.

In this way, the new iPhone SE packs a 4.7″ 16:9 LED-illuminated IPS LCD screen, otherwise called Retina show, which has 326ppi or 1334 x 750 pixels. This specific pixel thickness has been presented with the iPhone 4, and it is the genuine significance behind the word Retina in Apple’s reality every one of these years. The iPhone X was first to change that to Super Retina 458ppi.

The screen is level, secured by a specially crafted glass by Corning and has oleophobic covering for extra smirch obstruction.

TrueTone shading amendment alterations are accessible for the iPhone SE show, Night Shift – the blue-light channel, is a piece of the iOS include set, as well.

Apple says the screen can show HDR10 and Dolby Vision content. On account of the wide shading help, the high screen splendor, and differentiation, the showcase can do a few upgrades to the dynamic range, and you can without a doubt see a few advantages. In any case, an appropriate HDR-empowered screen, similar to the iPhone 11 Pro’s, can give you genuine HDR10 with all the advantages.

Also, presently with every one of these details off the beaten path, how about we see a few numbers.

The Apple iPhone SE (2020) screen can be splendid – we estimated 670 nits at the top finish of the brilliance slider. That is much more than the guaranteed 625 nits from Apple. The dark levels are about normal, and the iPhone SE board conveyed north of the proposed screen differentiate proportion of 1400:1.

The base splendor we caught on the white shading is 2.7 nits – an incredible one for perusing meetings in obscurity!

We did our standard estimations on the iPhone SE screen, and we caught extremely precise degrees of shading rendering. The screen has a normal deltaE of 1.4, while the most extreme deviation of 2.8 is at point white. Every deliberate shading are well underneath deltaE of 4, which implies the screen has phenomenal alignment.

These estimations were taken with TrueTone killed, as it changes the shading alignment relying upon the surrounding light and can trick our colorimeter. For the most practical hues, you should keep this alternative off, though for the most eye-satisfying rendeding of white and dim – keep it on.


The feature highlight of the $400 iPhone SE is its equipment stage – Apple A13 Bionic – a similar one inside the premium iPhone 11 models. The A13 has 8.5 billion transistors and is based on a 7nm+ procedure.

 The Apple A13 Bionic chip packs a hexa-center processor with 2×2.65 GHz Lightning elite centers and 4×1.8 GHz Thunder proficient CPU centers.

 The A13 SoC has another GPU that keeps the 4-center structure presented with A12. Be that as it may, is presently 20% quicker and an incredible 40% increasingly proficient while conveying a similar exhibition as A12’s GPU.

 The third era Neural Engine has 8 centers (20% quicker, 15% increasingly proficient) and is accountable for the iPhone SE picture handling highlights, for example, the single-camera Portrait Mode.

 At long last, all iPhone SE accompany 3GB of RAM – 1GB (or 25%) not exactly the iPhone 11 4GB of RAM.


The iPhone SE (2020) is fueled by 1,821mAh battery – a similar limit as iPhone 8’s, however an alternate cell. You can accuse the iPhone SE of its antiquated 5W charger, the Pro’s 18W charger, or any USB-PD charger truly. The iPhone SE additionally bolsters remote charging, with the goal that’s an alternative too.

The iPhone SE ships with a standard 5V/1A charger plug that renew 27% of a dead battery in 30 mins, while a full charge requires around 2 hours and 30 mins.

We likewise tried the iPhone SE with the iPhone 11 Pro 18W charger – it tops off about 57% of the SE’s battery in 30 mins, while a full charge takes around 100 mins.

The iPhone SE posted adjusted scores on our battery test – it can do around 10 hours of 3G calls, north of 13 hours of web perusing on a solitary charge, or you can watch recordings for around 9 hours. The reserve perseverance turned out better than expected and along these lines the great yet unremarkable in general continuance rating of 59 hours.

All things considered, for such a little battery, the screen-on times ended up being somewhat good.


Apple’s iPhone SE includes the equivalent 12MP single camera found on the iPhone 8. It utilizes a Sony sensor with 1.22µm pitch behind 28mm f/1.8 focal point. Optical adjustment is accessible, just as stage location self-adjust.

 The camera focal points are industrial facilities adjusted to give prevalent execution in AR.

 The quad-LED double tone streak from the iPhone 8 is likewise accessible on the SE, and it bolsters moderate sync streak. It saves the screen open for somewhat more, allowing in a portion of the encompassing light and making the picture look progressively common and not as contrasty likewise with standard blaze pictures.

On account of the new Apple A13 Bionic chip and its ISP, the camera currently bolsters picture mode dependent on a profundity map made by an AI procedure simply like with the selfie camera.

 The most recent Apple Smart HDR from the iPhone 11 age is additionally accessible on the iPhone SE – it should give an observable lift in picture quality, both day and night.

 Shockingly, the new Night Mode from the iPhone 11 arrangement is absent on the SE.

 The forward looking camera is the equivalent 7MP unit we saw on the iPhone 7 and 8. It can utilize the alleged Retina streak, where your screen illuminates your face specifically shading to give all the more satisfying skin tones relying upon the shade of the accessible light.

 As we stated, representations are bolstered for selfies, as well.

 The Apple iPhone SE shoots extremely characteristic looking photographs. The dynamic range and the difference are brilliant, the hues are just spot-on, and commotion is non-existent.

 The detail levels are generally excellent, even incredible at certain spots, however somewhere else some increasingly mind boggling regions turn out a test for the camera – multifaceted subtleties on the window blinds, just as grass and tree limbs are spread and appear as though oil-painting.

 All things considered, there not very many telephones fit for making out the whole grass territory and additionally all trees in the region, and they are leads. For a $400 telephone, the iPhone SE shoots superb sunlight photographs.

 It is a genuine pity Apple didn’t invest more energy to carry the Night Mode to the iPhone SE, however they once more, knowing Apple’s method of things – we were amazed to try and discover a Portrait mode.

 Talking about representations, we shot a couple with the back camera and they are alright. The subject partition is a long way from perfect, however the false bokeh is very decent. Those aren’t the best representations we’ve seen, yet for a solitary camera – they are really fine.

 Apple iPhone SE catches recordings in every well known goals and casing rates, every one of them – optically settled of course. Every 30fps video likewise include true to life video adjustment and extended powerful range because of the Smart HDR. The iPhone SE can do 4K at 60fps and 1080p at 240fps.

 The video bitrate is about 45Mbps in 4K at 30fps and 100Mbps for 4K at 60fps, or 15Mbps or 24Mbps in 1080p at 30fps and 60fps. Sound is recorded in wide sound system with a 160Kbps bitrate.

 The 4K recordings are caught at either 30fps or 60fps are for all intents and purposes indistinguishable in quality. The image is near the still pictures – enough detail outside complex territories, however there is a normal foliage introduction, best case scenario. The hues are incredible, as is the complexity and white equalization. There are no center issues or pressure antiquities. Furthermore, the dynamic range is downright amazing in any event, when Smart HDR (on 60fps) was not included.


The iPhone SE (2020) runs on the most recent Apple iOS 13.4 OS and ought to appreciate around 5 years of continuous programming refreshes – both major and minor. The iOS 13 wasn’t that of a significant OS update – it concentrated on improving the default framework applications.

The iPhone SE depends on Touch ID for biometric security. It hasn’t transformed the slightest bit since the iPhone 8 – you push on the sensor, and the iPhone gets opened quickly upon effective acknowledgment. Lift to wake up brings about the ideal result, as well, so no compelling reason to physically awaken the screen.

The lockscreen is basic – it has three pages – Central for notices, Left for Today, and Right for the camera application. There is no noticeable electric lamp switch, however you can raise the Control community with a swipe from the base and trigger it from that point.

Normally, applications go on the homescreen, there are no gadgets and no different application cabinet, however organizers are accessible. The furthest left Today page is setting down deep roots – it is where different gadgets go, and it additionally incorporates a framework wide Spotlight search field.

The route signals remain equivalent to they were on the iPhones before the X – push on Home key for Homescreen/application close and twofold press for Task Switcher.

The Notification Center is called with a swipe from the highest point of the screen. The sheet was brought together with the lockscreen in iOS 11, and on the off chance that you utilize various backdrops for home and lock screens, you may get confounded from the outset.

The Control Center with all your (adjustable) flips, is called with a swipe from the base of the screen. You can utilize haptic touch to get to extra controls. What’s more, the battery rate has been moved for all time here in light of the fact that there is no room left for it on that status bar.

The iPhone SE depends on Touch ID for biometric security. It hasn’t transformed the slightest bit since the iPhone 8 – you push on the sensor, and the iPhone gets opened quickly upon fruitful acknowledgment. Lift to wake up has exactly the intended effect, as well, so no compelling reason to physically awaken the screen.

The lockscreen is straightforward – it has three pages – Central for warnings, Left for Today, and Right for the camera application. There is no obvious spotlight switch, however you can raise the Control place with a swipe from the base and trigger it from that point.

Normally, applications go on the homescreen, there are no gadgets and no different application cabinet, however envelopes are accessible. The furthest left Today page is digging in for the long haul – it is where different gadgets go, and it likewise incorporates a framework wide Spotlight search field.

3D Touch is away for acceptable, and we have Apple to fault for its death. The organization had a very long time to utilize it for something beyond an overengineered long-press usefulness for snappy sneak peaks and setting activity pop-ups, however it showed up it basically decided to disregard it. Its usefulness is still here, however now it requires an insignificant tap-and-hold rather than a genuine press, albeit a press would do it as well. The taptic motor gives the fitting haptic criticism, and it feels like the 3D Touch is still here despite the fact that it’s most certainly not. Also, we are happy Apple jettisoned the 3D Touch layer as it helped free some space inside the telephones.

In this way, you can utilize the Haptic Touch on different application symbols to uncover fast activities, if accessible. You can likewise utilize it for warnings, flips, and in-application content spring up or extension (pictures, joins, record portrayals, and so forth.). You can likewise utilize Haptic Touch on envelopes to rename them or see the applications inside that have pending warnings.

What’s more, not surprisingly – a spring up see of pictures, weblinks, messages, messages, notes, and photographs, is accessible.

At last, Apple pushes Apple Pay much more with iOS 13, and there is another component called sign-in with Apple. You can utilize this in iOS 13 to rapidly sign into applications with your Apple account, validating with TouchID (and with two-factor confirmation included). Apple will send the application a one of a kind arbitrary ID. On the off chance that an application requests your email address, you can decide to give it your real email, or an irregular one consequently made by Apple for you with worked in sending (and these expendable messages are really per-application, so you can erase one in particular that is related with a particular application in the event that you decide to).

Should I Buy It?

The new Apple iPhone SE is for sure one of the most minimal cell phones inside the iPhone positions as well as among the Android telephones too. It is slender and lightweight, yet incredible and trustworthy, with extraordinary speakers and an excellent screen, and intrigues with camera execution regardless of whether it misses a component or two.

 What’s more, the most significant part – the cost is very alluring. The base stockpiling has developed to 64GB (up from 16GB on the old SE), and the 64GB model expenses $399 in the US or €479 in the EU. These sticker prices are very modest for such a ground-breaking telephone, not to mention an iPhone.

The little iPhone is dead! Long live the little iPhone! That is essentially the arrangement with each new iPhone, and the time had come to occur with the SE age. The subsequent SE is a little and incredible telephone, water-safe and delightful, with an able camera and extraordinary iOS support.

 The new iPhone SE is the least expensive iPhone at the present time, yet additionally one of the least expensive leaders like telephones available on the off chance that we are to analyze value for the money. The main things you should do to like it is to grasp the bezels and purchase a quick charger.


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