• OnePlus also offers official merchandise
  • More reasonable alternatives are also available
  • Reliability of knock-offs will be questionable

What is the first thing one buys after buying an expensive smartphone? It’s a no brainer that the first purchase is a good phone case. In the case of OnePlus 5, the Chinese phone company offers its own official merchandise which includes elegant silicon as well as plastic covers finished in wood, flip covers as well as a protective casing. The latter is used most of the times with people who have a habit of dropping their near Rs 40,000 device frequently (read butterfingers). There are a plethora of knock-offs available through online stores, however, the reliability, finish as well as the feel will undoubtedly by questionable. We have compiled a list of cases that are available through OnePlus’ official India website compared to a similar case available on Amazon.

1. OnePlus 5 Protective Case Sandstone

The official website of OnePlus offers its entry-level cases starting at Rs 990. They are available in four options, Ebony, Carbon, Sandstone and Rosewood. Although they have an aesthetic value and would protect the phone against minor scratches or scuffs, thinking that these cases would protect your OnePlus 5 in case of a fall, we’re not so sure. Cheaper alternatives available on Amazon start from as low as Rs 129. The latter, however, would surely have questions to the finish as well as reliability, even in the event of minor scratches.You can find the OnePlus 5 official phone cover here.

2. Official OnePlus 5 Otterbox Protective Cover

If you are the type who isn’t too careful while handling your phone, it is best to invest in a good armour casing. OnePlus also offers the Otterbox case for the OnePlus 5 which is priced at Rs 1,990. Otterbox is known to offer good protection under mild or heavy impact. So, rest assured your phone not suffer a major damage or no damage at all. In case you don’t want to (or can’t) buy a protective casing there are decent protective casing available from Rs 495 on Amazon India.

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3. Official OnePlus 5 Silicon Case

In case you want an elegant look and an impressive finish, go for a silicon case. Not only do they bring out the elegance, they also have a more sophisticated appeal. From the official OnePlus 5 website, these covers are available at a price of Rs 1,290. However, from online portals like Amazon, similar cases are available from Rs 399. That said, one would easily be able to make out why the original phone cover costs almost four times the locally made ones.

4. Official OnePlus 5 Flip Cover

If you want your new smartphone to exude a dapper look, go in for a flip cover. The ones available via the official website are priced at Rs 1,290 while those at popular online stores like Amazon start from Rs 550. Which one to go for? We let you decide since you would not want to spend so much on a phone and buy a rather cheap cover. Want the original flip cover?

While original equipment has a premium attached to it, there is no denying the fact that the finish, build quality and reliability is par excellence. Comparing these accessories to the cheaper alternatives available via online stores would not be justified.


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