There are so many things that we have gained access to with the advancement of technology. Some are bad and illegal but some of them could really be fun to have some with your friends. One such thing is tracking someone’s location without even letting them know that you are tracking on them. There can be lots of reasons for tracking a person. Be it your children, spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend.

We have come up with one such way to track the exact location of any Whatsapp user with just a few simple steps. The process may be a bit lengthy but is worth trying out

  • Copy any random URL.


  • Go to and paste the URL in ‘Create or Track URL section. (Note: Do not close the grabify page yet). You can now select any type of masking in the URL from or

  • Copy the new URL and send it to the person you want to track on WhatsApp messenger.

  • As soon as the person opens the URL, head back to the grabify page and refresh it. You will get the IP address of the device in which URL was accessed.

  • Copy the IP address and visit

  • Paste the IP address on the IP Lookup section.

  • You will now get the exact coordinates of the IP address i.e. latitude and longitude.

  • In a new tab go to google maps and now one by one copy the latitude and longitude coordinates and paste it into the search bar separating them with space.

  • Hit the search button and you will get the exact location of the person pinned on the map.

Wasn’t it fun? Stay tuned as we bring more such tutorials that may turn out to be very useful and make your day-to-day life a happening one.


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