The Instagram has been the safest space for social avoidance. This means you can the world of filtered photos without anyone knowing that you are online and responding to their messages.

But social media giant has now rolled out a feature similar to Facebook and WhatsApp allow your friends to see when you were last active on the platform. However, the feature on Instagram differs from that of its counterparts as the information is only shared with the person you last privately messaged or tagged.


Now, the good thing is that you can opt out and stay incognito again. However, after turning the feature off, you will also not be able to see the activity of anyone else which seems a fair trade though.

Android Users

  • To do so, tap on profile option on the bottom right corner on Android devices.
  • Tap on three dots visible on the top left corner.
  • Scroll down and toggle off the Show Activity Status and become incognito again.

iOS Users

  • Tap on Cog Icon next to Edit Profile
  • Scroll down to Show Activity Status option and toggle it off.

Social media the platforms have made various changes in their user experience last year. For instance, Snapchat-like story feature was introduced on Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram. Instagram earlier rolled out a feature allowing its users to upload multiple photos at a time.


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